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Divination by love on tarot cards

Love. Love. How many questions - so many answers. We still can not understand our own feelings, but we want to know what our partner feels. How to be? Certainly ask advice from the higher forces. Our virtual deck of tarot cards will help to find out the truth. Rather, ask your difficult questions: what does he think about me, how he treats me, does he love, what his future plans are and much more.

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Ace of Wands

Ace of Wands

Ace of Wands promises a new acquaintance, which can result in a wedding. This card also indicates that a once-destroyed union can resume. For people who are in a relationship, the card promises a new upsurge. Spouses seem to once again fall in love with each other, having discovered in the partner a lot of new and interesting. In an inverted meaning, the card promises a fading of feelings, unpleasant conversations, clarification of relationships, mistakes that will have fatal consequences for the union.